Transformative Effects

June 28 – August 28 Ascaso Gallery

Wynwood Arts District
2441 NW 2nd Ave. Miami
Fl. 33127

Collective Exhibition

Transformative Effects


The great masters represented in this exhibition perfected geometric abstraction into becoming a kinetic and optical experience. They understood color theory as the basis of their practice, activating a work’s components into a unique visual encounter. Working at the end of the twentieth into the twenty-first century, they established new rules for art to go beyond static formal organization and create disturbing optical reactions in the eye. By further disrupting the media’s two or three dimensionality with complex shapes and patterns infused with color, actual lines and other geometric forms, each artist uses a variety of techniques and materials to produce sensations ranging from pulsating rhythms to difficult perspectives as the art appears to forcefully protrude from the wall into a new dynamic space.

From Figure to Object

The art in this section represents a group of artists renowned for their innovative use of materials in works that range from traditional painting, to total abstraction, mixed-media collage, and three-dimensional forms. There is an objective quality about all of them as they focus on surface textures and effects to bring new energy to their subjects and emphasize the plastic elements that distinguish each style. From remarkable figurative paintings dependent on an abstract consideration of each image, to a brash collage of paintbrushes that seems to celebrate the hand of the artist and compliments the textural effects of the other works, this selection is a visual reminder of the creative potential that can be found in all media.