Tarjeta Sculptures

Contemporary Sculpture

agosto 3 – septiembre 23 Ascaso Gallery

1325 NE 1st Avenue
Miami FL. 33132

Group Show

Contemporary Sculpture



The drive of the human being to understand and represent his environment is as old as his history. From the elaboration of figures of a religious-ritual nature, going through different types of praise for the human body, or purely abstract expressions, three-dimensional representation has combined the ideal with the real-corporeal. For this exhibition, Ascaso Gallery has selected a set of works by internationally recognized artists, who, beyond being of very high quality, have in common the intention of representing and responding to the world of the historical moment that saw them born. In this way, the artists present selected not only different media but, above all, different approaches to the reality that surrounds them. With a range that includes works close to modernity as well as absolutely contemporary pieces, the exhibition gives us the opportunity to appreciate masterpieces by Pedro Barreto, Rafael Barrios, Agustín Cárdenas, Jiménez Deredia, Julio Larraz, Carlos Medina, Juan R. Mejía, Francisco Narváez, Edgard Negret, Jorge Salas, Víctor Valera, Cornelis Zitman. creators and avant-garde artists who bring the expression of the third dimension to dissimilar, varied, sometimes conflicting results, but always undoubtedly authentic and faithful to their time.


Installation views

©Foto @rafaelguillen