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Endless Light

abril 6 – mayo 31 Ascaso Gallery

1325 NE 1st Avenue
Miami FL. 33132

Jordan Tran. MIAMI

Endless Light

Ascaso Gallery presents:

Jordan Tran aka Kean: Endless Light

Ascaso Gallery is pleased to announce Endless Light, an exhibition of evocative, luminous abstract paintings by Jordan Tran, opening April 6.

Self-taught painter Jordan Tran, also known as Kean, was born in France in 1988, and began his artistic explorations embellishing the urban backdrop as a graffiti writer. Increasingly drawn toward the colorful gradients he would create as backgrounds for his lettering, he gradually transitioned from spraying aerosol paint on city walls to working in studio with acrylic and canvas. Dreamlike landscapes that inspire the viewer to contemplation and daydream, his vibrant paintings are an invitation to escape reality, go roaming, or simply gaze outwards in reverie through the windows and portholes he opens onto unexplored horizons.

Working in the tradition of American Color Field painters such as Mark Rothko, and drawing comparisons to the California Light and Space movement typified by installation artist James Turrell, he brings to his work a remarkable discipline and precision that he applies to his singular technique for painting color gradients that realize our perception of light and space and insinuate the optical phenomenon of iridescence. He works his large canvases with meticulous care, superimposing layer after layer of color with small rollers and then blending with expansive gestures using wide spalter brushes. “This long and patient elaboration gives density to the landscape abstractions, which evoke here the deep blue of a night sky, there the orange-yellows of the burning summer sun, elsewhere the pink light appearing at daybreak,” he says. Another influence is photography—and indeed, many of his paintings are reminiscent of the radiant large-format skies captured by landscape photographer Richard Misrach. Tran borrows from photography the notion of the golden ratio, dividing the canvas into thirds and placing the transition phase of his gradient in that balance. An avid fly fisherman—an art best enjoyed in the sublime light of dawn and at the golden hour before sunset—his greatest motivator is his own reverent experience of the outdoors. “Through my travel, my photographs, what inspires me most is really nature—the lights that we find in the skies.”

Conveying his strong emotions about the sublimity of nature and our perpetual search for balance and serenity in the modern world, Tran challenges the viewer to contemplate and become lost in the formal simplicity of his distant incandescent horizons and within them, perhaps find transcendence. Over the past seven years, he has held nine solo shows in Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg, Shanghai and Miami. He lives and works in the industrial city of Mulhouse in eastern France.