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Twilight Babes

mayo 4 – junio 6 Ascaso Gallery

1325 NE 1st Avenue
Miami FL. 33132

Bibi Ley

Twilight Babes

At this moment, Sun & Moon come together and play. The tangerine and grape skies collide, and the two worlds become one. The little girls are in the paradise of twilight. They wandered in the twilight zone of happiness, creating colorful energies in the land. The sunset, the
beach, and the warm ambiance set a calm tone for humans to enjoy this precious moment. The moon and the magical moments of dancing clouds arise as the sun downs. The rays of sun & moon lights come across and gently overlap. Your sky is toasty, and my pool is warm. We have the golden sun, silver moon, shiny stars, and firework-like palm trees in the same realm. All colors are invited to play, which welcomes you to shine in your own way. Let’s enjoy the beat! There we all meet at the beach party of «Twilight Babes.»

«The elements of nature in our daily life are essential in my paintings. I want to capture the joy of these everyday moments in nature that are all around us that we may neglect. The twilights are like the energetic vibes of Miami, warm weather, pool parties, and exciting nightlife. I envision the little girls having a big fun beach party during the sunset. These little girls create their world of colors and happiness as I make my paintings. I am in them, and they are within me too. I become the little girl painting, bravely exploring the map of the canvas and finding the wonders of colors.»

– Bibi Lei

Firma Bibi Lei

Bibi Lei is a Portuguese-Chinese artist currently currently based in Tokyo, Japan. Describing herself as a «childlike soul that never grows old,» Lei’s love of painting and motherhood manifests itself through self-taught techniques such as finger painting and untethered brush strokes. Her spirited «little girl» superheroes explore, dance, and float through the fantastical worlds of Lei’s creation, bringing an unadulterated bravery and hope that embodies the art of Bibi Lei. Her works intuitively piece together scenes of purity and wonders while conjuring up a mesmerizing universe of colors and sensations.