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The theory of ‘how to make it’

The theory of ‘how to make it’

Breaking into the art business can be a difficult task. Moreover, when you don’t have an overview of how the market works. Some emerging artists usually have little experience in sales or exhibitions and often struggle to find doors that open.

At first glance, it seems that the answer is simple and unique: networking. Knowing the right people will always be the master key in any item. By contrast, reach out to a gallery without prior notice and without invitation is a quick route to nowhere.

However, the true path is a bit more complex than that. So how can you start working with a reputable art gallery? Here is a list of some steps that can lead an artist to work with a successful showcase:

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Explore the field.

Research what type of galleries best suits the style that characterizes your work. Analyze if this is a good complement to your work and level of experience. Remember that a gallery is not just a gallery, but represents the creative and communicational vision of someone’s subconscious. Take the time to study the movements that best suit certain galleries before you even think about submitting your work.

Gallerists are creative agents in themselves. They have strong interests and aesthetics. They are the best teachers to balance inspiration and rationality. Learn from them.

occupation of artist PGNULGH

Connect with your gallery

For better or worse, the main way in which galleries choose artists is through relationships, so it is usual that the artist is first known and then supported by his work, although not always they will know someone who knows someone with influences on the ambit.

Hence, it is important that if you find a gallery whose style connects with your work, you develop a relationship with them, attend their events, sign up for their newsletter, and follow them on their social networks. Become known within their community as a supporter. This is the best way to put yourself under any gallery’s spotlight.

Study shipping policies.

Knowing the shipping policy of a gallery is easy. Check your website and see if it is published. If not, call them and ask. Or better yet, try visiting the gallery in person. If they say they don’t accept shipments, then you have your answer. Do not send your work anyway. If you accept shipments, follow their guidelines to the letter.


Boost up your work.

Many artists resort to the non-modest phrase: “My work speaks for itself” when it comes to promoting themselves before a gallery. The really advisable thing is to be interested enough in your own work, just to have a word about your own work, and thus, encourage others to get involved.

It should be noted that there is not a single formula for success, although putting into practice each one of these tips leads to a high possibility that your work can achieve an alliance with the gallery of your choice. Make sure your work is ready, that you have perfected your trade and you are showing the best you can do.

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