Carlos Medina

Carlos Medina

Born in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, in 1953. Living and working in Caracas and Paris.

In 1971 he enters the Cristobal Rojas School of Pictorial and Applied Arts of Caracas, celebrating the end of his academic studies in 1975 with an individual exhibition of iron and stone sculptures under the title Spatial geometric abstractions presented by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas, an effort which proved to be premonitory of the artistic and aesthetic development of his sculpture. The same year he earns the Sculpture Prize in the 4th National Salon of Young Artists organized by the National Institute of Culture and Fine Arts (INCIBA).

In 1977 he travels to Italy and settles down in Carrara with scholarships successively granted by the Italian government and, in a second term, by Fundarte, Caracas. This period is characterized by the exploration of new materials, the practice of advanced techniques of carving and lathing, and the study of the latest conceptualizations on tri-dimensional work. He works in Carlos Andrei’s atelier, in Gonari Marmi’s industrial workshop, and takes different courses in the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, as well as bronze sculpture seminars in Pietrasanta’s Fonderia Mariani.

In 1984 he returns to Caracas and retakes urban-scale iron and steel sculptures. His work has changed with time, but it remains focused on geometric and organic abstraction, going from volumetric to spatial concerns, from the material to the essential, a leading concept in his work to this day. Throughout his artistic trajectory he has presented numerous individual exhibitions and participated in important collective samples, among which are noteworthy the sculpture international symposia celebrated in Ostende, Belgium (1980) and Lindabrunn, Austria (1981); the Forma viva in Kostanjevika, Yugoslavia (1982) and the Iberoamericano de Escultura, Santiago, Chile (1992); the American Sculpture Contest, CARLOS MEDINA Chaco, Argentina (1993); the 2nd International Sculptors Triennial, Chaco, Argentina (1994); 2nd Steel Symposium, Culiacán, Mexico (1995); Wood Symposium, Alajuela, Costa Rica and Valdivia, Chile (1996); 11th International Wood Sculpture Symposium, Kemijärvi, Finland (1997); 1st Stone Symposium, Zacatecas, Mexico (1998); 2nd Steel Symposium, Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico (2003); 4th Wood Symposium, Guadalajara, México (2005); 3rd Granite Symposium, Yeongwol, South Korea, and 1st Colloquium on International Sculpture Symposia, Guadalajara, Mexico (2006); 1st Sculpture Biennial, Guadalajara, Mexico, where he is awarded an Honor Mention (2008); Essential Atelier, Museo de las Artes, Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico (2012). Between 1975 and 2013 Carlos Medina’s exhibitions have reflected the intense pace of his daily work at his atelier. Museums and private galleries in Venezuela, Latin America, Europe and the United States have hosted his work both with enthusiasm and interest. Among many awards and prizes granted to him it is worth mentioning INCIBA’s National Salon of Young Artists, Caracas (1975 and 1981); Single Acquisition Prize, Conac (1981); Sculpture Prize, 2nd Fondene Art Salon, Nueva Esparta (1976); Painting Prize, 1st Young Artists International Biennial, Viareggio, and Carrara City Prize, Italy (1978); Sculpture National Biennial, Francisco Narváez Museum of Contemporary Art (1982, 1991); International Association of Art Critics, AICA, Venezuelan Chapter (1984); Arturo Michelena Salon Prize, Valencia Athenaeum, Carabobo (1986, 1987, 1992), which grants him its Grand Prix in 1993; 1st Guiana Art Biennial Prize, Jesús Soto Museum of Modern Art, Ciudad Bolívar (1986); Prize for Sculpture, 17th National Art Salon of Aragua, Maracay (1992, 2002); Prize to Sculptors, 1st American Sculpture Contest, Resistencia, Argentina (1993); Ministry of Education and Culture Prize, 1st Andean Sculpture Biennial, Museum of Modern Art of Cuenca, Ecuador (2002); Special Mention, Exxon Mobil Salon, Gallery of National Art, Caracas (2003); Honor Mention, 1st Sculpture Biennial, Guadalajara, México (2008); Illustrious Guest and Keys to the City, Resistencia, Argentina. Sculpture
Prize, AVAP (2014). He is currently carrying on with passionate tenacity and showing it in important art spaces.

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