Dario Perez Flores

Dario Perez Flores

Born in 1936 in the Venezuelan Andes, Darío Pérez-Flores studies in the Fine Arts School of Valencia and the Central University of Venezuela. He joins the Optical movement in 1970; the same year he moves to France to carry on with his studies of art at the University of Vincennes-Paris VIII, under the direction of Frank Popper.

He currently lives and works in Paris. For Pérez-Flores, color is the initial vehicle for creativity, perception, spirit and the notion of system. After his first sculptural works using mobile elements in metal and acrylic, he carries out his first reliefs, mobile patterns actioned by engines, whose lines move vertically and horizontally on a background, thus modifying the space-depth-color relationship. During the 1980s, the Venezuelan artist begins to add colors to his sequential paintings, building a series named “Prochromatique.” These works create a subtle optical vibration that lures the spectator towards its center, stimulated by a mysterious visual emotion.

The series of dynamic-chromatic, diagonal works created in the early 1990s reveals the particular aspects of this artist’s theory of color, especially the function of color as a subtle means for the realization of the phenomenon of space linked to the kinetic dynamism of his work. In more recent developments, Pérez-Flores tries to overcome his mathematical structures with an illustrated manipulation of space, offering a system of formal plasticity. The paintings show a simulated motion obtained through the combination of colored lines painted in panels with sequentially suspended bars parallel to the surface of paint. His work has been shown in different countries such as Venezuela, France, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Brazil.

Prochromatique No. 1096

Vibration Sur Carres No. 1590