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“Color Libre”

Color Libre

More than 125 film productions, including films, documentaries and short films of all genres, make up the program of the Miami Film Festival. This seventh art party, which Miami Dade College organizes every year, will be held until March 15 in various cinemas in the city, including Silverspot Cinema and the Tower Theater. Actors, directors, and personalities from the entertainment world gathered on the opening night of the Miami Film Festival.

The festival opened this Friday an edition marked by the incorporation of many more “local cinematographic stories” to its formula of abundant films, sections, awards and guests with a strong Latin American accent. The importance that films that tell stories from South Florida are taking, not only made by local directors but also from other parts of the United States or foreign forms a section dedicated exclusively to this subject, for the third consecutive year.

C. CRUZ DIEZ Color Additivo 17
C. CRUZ DIEZ Color Additivo 17

Among the documentaries in this category “Color Libre” (Free Color), offers an endearing portrait about Venezuelan plastic artist Carlos Cruz-Diez. What is “color”? In what part of our memory does it live? Is color the innate property of an object or is it a reaction that occurs in our brain when we look at it?

These are the questions that accompanied Carlos Cruz-Diez, one of the most important Latin American artists of all time, until his last days. Obsessed with the color free of space and time, Cruz-Diez explores the possibilities of the impossible: strip the color out of the form.

In “Color Libre“, Alberto Arvelo closely follows the Master of Color”, a tireless researcher of kinetic and optical phenomena that today are part of the plastic identity of Venezuela.

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The director also portrays the artist’s arrival in Paris in the 60s’, where he is soon welcomed as one of the most influential color thinkers of the 20th century for his contributions in chromatic experiences, conceived as a reality independent of time and space, in a continuous present. Present styling with a wonderfully united family that communes in art.

Cruz-Diez’s work on color theory is a legacy that art history will come to understand, but the materialization of this theory is scattered throughout the streets, parks, and theaters of Asia, Europe, and Latin America and revives in the galleries and most prestigious museums on the planet.

It is impressive and moving to see a man who, after ninety years of age, still lived with the desire to realize his dream and thus close his artistic discourse: create a spectacle of color, a kind of cloud of chroma saturation that floated on the Seine river waters without support, without form.

Although Cruz-Diez has dedicated his life to experimenting with colors that mock the shapes, what he really wanted to do was to free them completely and deploy them in the air through magnetic fields. To crystallize and celebrate what would be the perfect fusion between art and science.

With great production crew, “Color Libre” will mark the spirits of all those we admire, from far or near, the genius, perseverance, good humor, generosity and deep humility that characterized Carlos Cruz-Diez.

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