ARTE Tarjeta Seulgi Kim NEW

Bluminous A Little Light

March 30 – April 27 Ascaso Gallery

1325 NE 1st Avenue
Miami FL. 33132

Seulgi Kim

Bluminous A Little Light

A presentation of works by Kim Seul-gi in Miami.

My exhibition circuit for 2023 kicks off with fifteen oil-on-canvas works slated for presentation in Miami.

The solo exhibition in September 2022 featured a subtitle: “To the child left in the darkroom – I gave a small star.” On that same glowing orbit of thought, my meditations gravitated toward what I may be able to do with that gleam of light.

Imagine a little light slipped into your hands, carefully cupped, embraced, and gingerly taken to a secret garden and planted in the soil. Soon, the glowing seed leaf sprouts forth, raising its stem, then the unfurling of leaves as it grows tall.

As the ovular pod of light germinates and grows into its own fractal luminosity, its warmth also grows effusive.

Gathering my capacity within to bear light, letting that light shine, and sharing with others, is also how I imagine genial warmth that I can share with others.

The works here are painted with that luminous warmth that I wish to pass on, for it was not given to be owned, and I must pass it on to others.

Seulgi Kim