FelicianoCarvallo El Tren en la Montana 1991

Frieze 2020 – NYC

May 15, 2020May 15, 2020 12:00 am08/05/20

Frieze 2020 – New York

Online view – May 8 to May 15/ 2020.

Ascaso Gallery Miami-Caracas, Frieze Art Fair 2020 (NY) proposal focuses on the relevance of the work by Feliciano Carvallo (Venezuela, 1920-2012), a reference to folklore in Latin America particularly Venezuela, through naïf paintings based on tropical and popular scenery compositions. Considered by some critics as the Latin American Rousseau, Carvallo is a reference self-thought painter that proposed landscape compositions detached from the traditional naturalism by building whimsical images of a tropical paradise, stressing the qualities of light and color within the elements of a busy Amazonia environment with not just a visual but a mystical approach. In the words of Perán Erminy, expert in the naive stream, Carvallo was a quiet man, that move slowly, talked briefly, and with a particular imagination that interpreted his surroundings as a vibrant foliage. He presents a depiction of jungles as an iconographic interpretation of experiences; which composition is based in fantasy rather than naturalism.

Carvallo superposes elements like trees, human figures, animals and folkloric objects and situations interacting in a constructivist composition. Carvallo was granted with the Venezuelan Visual Arts National Award in 1966; his work has been presented in the United States (Miami, Washington, Ohio, Boston, Durham, New York), Paris, Madrid, Cuba, and Sao Paulo.

Bélgica, Rodríguez, PhD, Art Critic and researcher specialized in Latin American Art.




FelicianoCarvallo El Tren en la Montana 1991